Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New Release: Prairie Lily by Georgina Sellwood

Product Description
The third release of a new four part Anthology set: Spring Historicals - Sweethearts in Bloom.
by Georgina Sellwood
Left alone in Boston when her father passes, Lily Cameron joins seven young women who have promised to become mail order brides. When Lily arrives in Pine Creek on the western prairies, she meets the young pastor Marcus Attwood. He has no intentions of becoming one of the grooms, and she is reluctant to be married. Marcus can’t get Lily out of his thoughts and decides to pursue her. Just when he thinks he stands a chance, it seems a rich farmer has caught her interest.

Genre: Sweet Historical Romance
Pages 42, Novella
eBook: $0.99

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Monday, December 05, 2011

New Release: Her Dreams Come True by Miranda Heart

Product Description
The Second release of a new four part Anthology set: Spring Historicals - Sweethearts in Bloom.
by Miranda Heart
Shunning all that is holy, Annabelle’s soul now hangs in the balance. A gift from a witch seals her fate and thrusts her into the waiting arms of an incubus. The incubus, not being quite as evil as his Master gives Annabelle a way out. She now has one night to save her family and her soul.

Rediscovering love and finding his soul is the last thing Roshan has on his mind. Out of curiosity he’s worn the gifted necklace for months with no sign of his intended bride. So it was nothing for him to offer shelter during a terrible storm to a beautiful maiden. How surprising that the poor orphaned girl would turn out to be the one that would bring light into his soul. He has only one night to find the love he thought he’d lost all those years ago.

Genre: Historical, paranormal
Pages: 66, Novella
eBook $1.49

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