Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Spaces Between Your Screams by Christopher Hivner


Real fear lives in the spaces between your screams.


The moment twilight becomes darkness, they are alive again. Whispered doubts, overfed lies, indistinct dreams; these crowd into your mind to create the monsters.
Your fear unleashes demons.
Your desire attracts blood seekers.
Your frailty makes you werewolf prey.
Your trust makes you vulnerable to the obscenity of the human soul.
When you scream we will hear only the silence between your breaths.
And we will know you are doomed. 

Please join us in congratulating Christopher Hivner on the long-awaited re-release of The Spaces Between Your Scream

Genres: Horror, Paranormal, Thriller
Pages:  408, Anthology

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Happy Release Day!! The Long Hour Before Light by Ronald Scala

I've been trying to get this to post all day and am hoping to goes through on another computer.

Please join me in congratulating Ronald Joseph Scala on the long-awaited rerelease of his horror anthology, The Long Hour Before Light. It's been refreshed and even includes a brand new story. Like to read about things that go bump in the night? Then this thrillfest is for you. I know he had me hooked from the first story--which is also my favorite. I also found the hungry plants quite creepy. So much to enjoy!

Congrats Ron!

The Long Hour Before Light
Dare to venture into darkness. Dare to step into the unknown. If you have the courage, you will find horrors beyond your imagination. In this nightmare world, you will find punishment doled out from the grave, an art gallery whose painted horrors call out to you, and a portal to the fires of perdition. You will meet Old Gods who crave human flesh and visit terrifying forests where the greenery hungers for flesh and blood and an old barn where people familiar to you by day become monsters at night. Dare to read The Long Hour Before Light, a collection of the most terrifying short stories yet from author Ronald Joseph Scala.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chandler Riggs with Life After the Undead and Death to the Undead by Pembroke Sinclair

Congratulations to Pembroke Sinclair!

This is a picture of Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead. This was taken at a convention in Atlanta last weekend when Jerrod Brown gifted him with two of her books, Life After the Undead and Death to the Undead. Be sure to pick up your own copy in eBook or Print!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Release Day! Chapter and Verse by Barri Bryan

Chapter and Verse
Barri Bryan

Chapter and Verse has one theme—love. Poetry is the language of love. Since human beings first discovered words, men and women have composed lyrical love poems about love's enchantment, love's mystery, love's drama, love's ecstasy, and love's pain.
 The poems in Chapter and Verse were inspired by the poet's search for truth coupled with her pursuit of a personal reality. Truth once revealed can be recognized and accepted. Reality's markers are never fixed or sure. What points to reality today, may by tomorrow be no more than a broken milestone covered by a tangled growth of illusions.
These two abstractions share the same landscape. Their landmarks are different. Truth's signs point to the ageless verities of an outer world. They consistently appear to guide us toward external actualities of life. The search for reality requires a constant pursuit of meaning through that wild and untamed territory of the inner self.
The name Chapter and Verse was chosen because many poems in the book contain allusions to or imagery relating to, scenes and incidents that are derived from biblical events and actions.
These poems have their roots in the poet's long and sometimes tempestuous marriage to her husband, Herb, whom she readily admits is the love of her life.
Genre: Poetry
Pages: 104

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Release Day! Shelly Goes to Washington, D.C. by Stacey Leigh Malloy and Katie Cassidy

Shelly the Hermit Crab
Stacey Leigh Malloy
Illustrated by Katie Cassidy

When Shelly, a Cape Cod hermit crab, gets caught in a riptide, she lands along the banks of the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. Shelly enjoys taking in the sights, but she hopes to somehow, someway get back to her home and family.
This is the second book in the "Shelly the Hermit Crab" series. Each book is a beautifully illustrated story of Shelly's amazing adventures with real life lessons, facts, and a happliy-ever-after ending.
Genre: Children's - Ages 2-9
Pages: 36 pages, fully illustrated
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