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Toltec Kahn

Toltec Khan, Book Two


R. J. Hore 

Fergus, appointed Interrogator for the god Tezcatlipoca in England with the mandate to suppress or convert the native Christians, must find a way to work with the local priests of Tezcatlipoca and that god’s rival, Quetzalcoatl. With mounting feelings for Rowena, he finds himself caught in a delicate balance as a go-between for the people trapped in the fort, and the rebel forces surrounding them while fending of his family.
Captain Mixcoatl’s loyalty is torn as his best friend throws in with the desperate governor and his scheme to turn the Toltec province into an independent kingdom. Outnumbered and beset, Mixcoatl must once again look to the sly King of Gwynedd for assistance to raise a force to save England and the life of his pregnant wife. But paying his price might be more costly than surrendering to the rebels.
Rowena,maid to Captain Mixcoatl’s wife, finds herself on the parapet with her mistress staring down at a rebel army. Facing the final assault with a group of women and children, she must fight to save both their lives as the rebel forces break down the last barriers.
The fate of the Island Colonies hang in the balance, and three lives draw even closer, as forces clash over who will rule the overseas jewel of the Toltec Empire.

Author Bio:

Ron can be found sailing on Lake Winnipeg when not writing novels or critiquing for an on-line magazine He won first prize for a Canadian Authors Association contest for a ghostly love story, but his preference is for longer novel-length works including speculative fiction and medieval-style fantasies. Writing as R.J.Hore and supervised by his understanding wife and a large demanding cat, most of his writing efforts continue toward fantasy, with occasional lapses into science fiction and horror. 

Find out more about Ron on his Facebook and website.
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Jenna Grodzicki 

Pixie is a curious cat who longs to explore the world outside.  One day, her wish comes true, and Pixie begins an unexpected adventure. The outside is better than she ever imagined. But when rumbling thunder and cold rain arrive, her perfect day turns into a nightmare.  Will Pixie ever find her way home?

Author Bio:

Jenna is excited to be pursuing her lifelong dream of writing picture books. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two crazy, awesome kids. She’s been in education for the past 15 years, having taught third grade, first grade, and kindergarten. Currently, Jenna is a K-5 library media specialist. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, Jenna LOVES to read!  She also enjoys skiing and cheering for the best team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox.  

You can download the book here for Amazon Kindle or buy the print edition.

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