Friday, April 08, 2011

New Release: ΕΞΙΣ gods, ghosts and battered cellphones by Anne Abad

 New Release

ΕΞΙΣ gods, ghosts and battered cellphones by Anne Abad


Product Description
Sci Fi Collection
Doble Kara
•    Two lovers seek to find their place in the perfect society—a little town in Laguna where there are no strangers, marriage has an expiration date, and everything must be shared...even parents.
Songs of Urban Phantoms

•    While the gods of a forgotten age have deserted the world, one remains and awakens a young man to prophesy to a deaf world.
It Takes Seven

•    Despite having discovered the key to humanity's end, two demon siblings face an identity crisis.
The New Creatio

•    In a universe where gods and humans trade roles, the greatest creature ever made breaks free from her confinement, only to be confronted with the greatest bondage of all.

Genre: Sci-fi Collection
pages: 126

Author information: Anne Abadpost signature


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