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Imagine your world coming to an end in a matter of seconds. Fifteen, on the way to school on a school bus with your friends when you spy something strange and out of place happening. Deciding to leave the bus you head for home only to find your mother there who listens to your story in total disbelief. Other events follow, more people are killed or maimed, and strange people are prowling around and feeding off of others some even eating their flesh, others killing their victims. Why wouldn’t your mother believe what you have seen? Why wouldn’t she belief it with her own two eyes? The world has come to an end very quickly, quietly and without the fanfare that surrounded the predictions during the 2012 scare, Y2K and many other psychic predictions of the world’s impending doom. When Krista relates the facts, the events and describes what happens you too will question what she says, hope that she is playing some sort of joke on or is the world now being run by those that are dead and have become what is called THE UNDEAD? Welcome the your worst nightmare. Meet Krista as she relates the events from the start and living the journey with her and decide for yourself what is life like After the Undead?

Life can change your world, evaporate your surroundings, and burn your whole being in a flash. Your life as you know it forces beyond your control, nature and much more not in your hands and the end or final outcome create it. Imagine an earthquake compounded by aftershocks would be nothing to what happened to the people in this country as a result of incidents going unreported, undetected and definitely untold. What happens when your world ends and those in charge are strangers and you need to place your trust in them? Krista is about to find out as she relates the events so horrific you might want to read this with someone else.

Before the Undead there was life. One young girl’s story is told and one uncharted new world described. Hoping to study to become a psychiatrist, Krista is ripped from her world by events caused by what we refer to as Zombies. On the bus going to school she witnesses an attack on a friend. As she relates these events to not only the reader but her parents too they think she is making it up, her mother threatens to punish her for lying and playing jokes and her father tries to impart the gravity of the situation to her mom who denies the entire thing until it is too late.

You are fifteen, alone, no one to care for you and now you find your way to a camp set up by total strangers. Given a small living space, a job, told that you are still required to go to school but cannot figure out why you spend the next two years living in these confined quarters going to school, doing menial housework as payment for your room and board and hoping to find your way out of this place. When someone comes and finds you in this camp, claims to be your cousin, why would you go to an unchartered place that is filled with Zombies or danger when you could live out your life in Florida and be safe? Krista meet Liet who is her only family, the General of the army and who takes her with him to North Platte to learn how to kill Zombies, use weapons and become part of the military life there. But, what she learns it is that North Platte is not that great, the comforts are few, the food is good and her job is still to wait on others, clean the rooms and in return one young girl named Pam would teach her how to kill Zombies and use weapons. As Krista becomes a part of this community she learns more about the people there, her cousin Liet and what is expected of her in the long run. Did she make the right decision in coming with him? That still remains to be seen. As her dreams are flooded with her past, what caused her parent’s deaths and her anger at their stupidity making the situation even more difficult for her to handle at times?

Life can play tricks on you are any moment. Sometimes you think your world is just perfect and in one minute everything falls apart. Think about natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear explosions but what about a phenomenon so extraordinary that it defies believable? What about a group of seventh graders going around eating, maiming and killing everyone? What if they are really dead?

Things turn around for Krista as she decides to volunteer to go out to the West and get supplies needed for their compound. Those that cross Liet better watch out. Trying to protect Krista he wants to control her movements, but she becomes her own person and quite independent. As they go out for supplies and find their way into a mall they meet humans, zombies and other dangers. Who can she trust and whom can they trust? Quinn, Kyle and two others go along with her to fight the zombies, find supplies and hopefully not get bitten. When she returns from one outing she withstands the indignities of what happens when you have to be screened. What caused the zombies to take over the world, how is the world going to cope with this? What will the end result be for those in Florida, the West and of course in the East?

The survivors have to learn many of life’s lessons that we hope we never have to face today. After living in a world with freedoms, able to make your own choices and not having to fear where you go and hope to get there, imagine living in a totalitarian world under military rule and having to worry as a worker or citizen being shot if you make one false move, use supplies for personal gain or get out of line. Some live in fear while those in Florida almost in oblivion yet still confined to their compounds, hotels and living areas but not being able to really venture out because of the threat of zombies. So, whose world is better?

Trust, loyalties, deceits, betrayals and much more come to light as Krista finds her way in world without her parents and one man who calls himself her cousin and claims to care. But, Krista learns the hard facts from Quinn and the others who she sets out with to get supplies. Liet, is anything but whom she thinks he is and his ultimate goal is to keep everyone under his control. Those living in Florida will never leave for fear of encountering Zombies and those in North Platte are under his control and being brainwashed to do his bidding and more. Those that defy him will not see the sun come up again. So, what caused this to happen and how will it ever be stopped? Why won’t they send better workers to help build a wall? Who is really in control?

Krista makes a trip back to Florida and decisions are made that would change her life. Getting closer to Quinn upsets Liet but this clever girl knows how to manipulate things to turn in her direction. The Families in Florida creating their own web of deceit and mind control over the people in Florida. Liet using his force and fear to keep everyone in North Platte under his power and control. Zombies taking over and others being killed and one young girl with a plan to do more than survive.  What happens at the end you will have to read and find out for yourself? Will the workers and guards rebel against Liet? Will Krista and Quinn’s plan work or will more people die?

Author Pembroke Sinclair brings to light many issues that we hope never to have to face today. The Zombies represent a terrorist attack on the world and they seem to be everywhere and there is no end to their death and destructive ways. The Families, Liet and others feel that the only way to create safe havens so they say is to control the masses as many dictators in so many countries do today. Brainwashing people, instilling fear and hoping that no one will rebel or begin to think about what is happening. The ending will definitely make you pause for thought. What happens in North Platte and to Liet wait and see? What will happen to Florida and the rest of the world when they find out the end result in North Platte? Characters that are really well developed and a fast paced plot that kept this reviewer glued to the printed page since I read the book in two hours and could not put it down. Quinn, Krista, Liet, Pam, Kyle and Brian what is next for them and what will the end result be? Who can be trusted? Where will the Zombies strike next? For that we will all have to wait for our talented and creative author to write her next book.

 Read Life After the Undead and you decide: What is our fate going to be?
Fran Lewis: Reviewer
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Sounds good and my genre is not horror. Lots of unanswered questions. I want to read it and want to know more.

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