Friday, August 10, 2012

About a month ago, I posted about one of our authors, Pembroke Sinclair, having a fantastic experience with Hollywood. Well, she’s done it again.

Her eTreasures book, Life After the Undead continues to find its way onto Hollywood sets and mixes with celebrities!

Horror artist extraordinaire, Jerrod Brown shares how it happened:

I frequently do Art shows, galleries and conventions to support my work (Horror Art). Most shows are scheduled months in advance and the promotion cycle begins. In this particular case, I was booked to do a solo show on Wednesday July 25th at the upscale 'Aloft Tapestry Park' Hotel in Jacksonville, FL. It just so happens that the Saturday just prior to my show, the city of Jacksonville was having a 'Zombie Walk' (Where hundreds of people dress up as Zombies and march all over town). A close friend of mine (Jenifer Michal) is the organizer of the Walk, as well as the web site 

Jenifer secured Michael Koske (a character actor from 'The Walking Dead'. 'The Crazies', etc.) to come down from his home town in Atlanta, GA. (five hours north of Jax) to lead the horde of Zombies through the city. I'm personally not involved in the 'Zombie Walk' events, however there is usually a tie-in at the end of the walk (Club get togethers, Art shows, Social gatherings, etc). So, at the tail end of 'this' function... I told Michael Koske about my Horror Art show, gave him my card and discussed a possible photo op with Pembroke Sinclair's book Life after the Undead.

The Promoters ('Le Refuse' Art Collective) were excited about my show and Michael's photo op had been confirmed a few days prior to 'Le Ruse presents: an evening with Horror Artist Jerrod Brown'. The day of the show, I handed him the book (mailed to me in advance), which had been signed 'to him' by Pembroke. He was pleasantly surprised to receive it, and I told him about my connection with the author, the painting for the cover, and a brief synopsis of the story itself. 

Michael was a truly nice guy, and told me to thank her VERY MUCH for the gifted novel. In return he signed a color 8x10 photo of himself (from 'The Walking Dead') to Pembroke, to thank her personally.

I think, by the time she and Jerrod, are done, they might get connected to the entire The Walking Dead cast!

Way to go, Pembroke and Jerrod!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, Pembroke and congrats!
May much come from this. :)

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