Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Release Day to J.D. Pooker!

Mr. Chocolate and the Magic Js is available now from eTreasures Publishing and author J.D. Pooker. This delightful children's story tells the tale of a moose and his beautiful garden where the most amazing of fruits, the Magic Js, grow. They are so delicious that they draw the attention of the antelope family, Mr. and Mrs. Little House. Unfortunately, the Little Houses aren't content to have just a few Magic Js, and they learn a very important lesson about sharing with others.

Not only does this story teach children about sharing in a fun and appealing way, it is also beautifully illustrated by the talented author and illustrator Lynne Bendoly.

Spread the word about this wonderful children's book and be sure to pick up your copy at the eTreasures site.

Mr. Chocolate and the Magic Js by J.D. Pooker.
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