Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Release Day! The Late, Great Benjamin Bale by John Joseph Doody

The Late, Great Benjamin Bale, Book Two of The Guild Saga is available now!

The destinies of two men depend on Maggie Thorn. One is dying and the other is dead...or is he?

Captain Maggie Thorn is on a formal Guild mission, supposedly to kidnap the yazz scientist, Gravian Endrenicus, and return him to Thandimone. But she also has a personal score to settle with the lizard-like inhabitants of Timmerus. She intends to make the yazz pay for what they did to Thad Cochran—the one the yazz call the Thieves Guild pilot. The man she loves.
Supreme Fleet Commander, Admiral Geoff Grangore knows of only one man who could get Maggie to Timmerus and back while traitorous eyes are watching. That man is an old drunk who lives deep in the Thandimonean wilderness with his pet Eno, Snot. Benjamin Bale is suicidal and cantankerous, and Maggie can’t stand him—at first. 
Bale is a dead man. At least, that’s what everyone was told. But this dead man has a final mission to perform. The greatest star pilot in the galaxy has a chance to redeem himself and make right a great wrong. A wrong which he can never forgive or forget. A wrong that cost him everything.
And don’t forget to see how this all started in The Wonk Decelerator, Book One of The Guild Saga.

Okay, I'm slightly prejudiced being that this is an eTP Author AND I edited this book (as well as the first one). However, John pens a fabulous tale of a dashing pilot and a feisty, strong-willed female star cruiser captain mixed with an endearing cast of characters that I love to spend time with. This is not a romance for you science fiction die-hards; however, it has romantic elements for the romantically inclined. Through in some actione, fight scenes and spaceship battles and you have all the makings of a delightful space adventure. And while you can read The Late, Great Benjamin Bale alone, you'll miss out if you don't have your copy of The Wonk Decelerator.

Congratulations, John!

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