Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Release Day! Shades of Darkness - A Poetry Collection

Carolyn Devonshire, Sandra Stefanowich and Jack Horne

SHADES OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT was composed by three authors from three English-speaking countries. Jack Horne is from England, Sandra Stefanowich from Canada, and Carolyn Devonshire from the United States. 

Each poet chose their best works for this collection. The topics include Earth's environment, faith, loneliness and a variety of social issues that are sure to stimulate the readers' minds. 

From Haiku to Limericks, you will find a variety of poetic forms. Some are humorous; some are sad. All have a deep meaning to the authors and, hopefully, to the readers. SHADES OF DARKNESS AND LIGHT will bring both smiles and tears. If you enjoy poetry, you'll find something for everyone to enjoy in this book.

Genre: Poetry
Pages: 122

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