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Born Villain

The Pelagius Game, Book 2



RJ Jerome

Secret societies and religions have always intrigued me. I spend most of my free time researching these topics. They fuel the imagination. I once attended a private lecture at the Gloucester Cathedral where I saw two priests whispering and arguing over an old scroll. It  spawned the idea for the Pelagius Game series, and during the next four years, I outlined the plots for each book. I then spent the next four years researching missing texts, attending more lectures, and constructing narratives for six books.

The Pelagius Game series is unique because it blends earthly mysteries like secret religious societies and biblical events with a fantasy world where one can be seen battling giant spiders or the undead with magical weapons or even possessing supernatural abilities like strength, speed, and the ability to manipulate the weather.

Born Villain

 The second book in the series, continues the journey of immortal heroes, Timothy Anderson and Scott McCree, as they battle evil in an attempt to bring balance back to the Church, and win the Pelagius Game for God’s side. Together, they unite, vowing to stop Pope Orlandis’ plan to become the ultimate ruler of Earth. But in Orlandis’ idea of a perfect world, something  sinister was rising from the darkness, something with an unquenchable thirst to release the mother of all sin.

The Pelagius Game series is a must read for anyone interested in fantasy adventures with plenty of sword fights, vibrant characters, and intricate plot twists.

Author Bio: R.J. Jerome grew up in historic Bristol, Pennsylvania, where his love of art, music, and fantasy novels was born. After graduation, Jerome left America for six months and traveled to England where he saw the Gloucester Cathedral. The massive, gothic architecture fueled his interest in spirituality.

Jerome then moved back to Pennsylvania and earned his degree in electronic engineering at CHI Institute. While electronics was a fun hobby, the beautiful image of the cathedral still burned in his mind. As a graduate, Jerome furthered his interest in spirituality by studying various religions.

When starting the project, Jerome needed a title and remembered stumbling across Pelagianism, a theological theory named after Pelagius, a British monk. Pelagius denied the taint of original sin and it's impact on the ability of humans to choose between good and evil. From this, Jerome constructed the idea of a competition between God and Satan using gifted beings as pawns in a cosmic game that determines the end of days.

Usually religious art or stories inspire Jerome’s work, but on occasion, you will find him fumbling through a page of one of R.A. Salvatore’s epic fantasy novels. When not busy researching religions, you can find Jerome drinking, rating, or talking about well-crafted beers and Absinthes. Come learn more at RJ Jerome, his website  or follow him on twitter at @R_J_Jerome.

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This book is awesome. It is even better than the first and I didn't think that was possible. LOVED IT!!

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