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Cyber Vamps



Jack Horne

I have loved vampires and vampire stories ever since I was a child. An episode of Starsky & Hutch, where a twisted killer dressed in a cape and wore fangs, thrilled me when I was eight. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of my favorite books, and I decided to write a vampire novel after visiting Whitby, England and seeing where part of the great work is set. Anne Rice’s excellent Vampire Chronicles also fed my passion. I was almost convinced that Lestat was really out there.

Yes, I love those, but I wanted to write something completely different…

I heard about energy-stealing ‘psi’ vampires quite by chance. My mind instantly went into overdrive: what if blood-drinkers and energy-stealers met? Would they be enemies or allies? Could there even be a hybrid?

My former wife was a fan of internet chat (and met her current partner through a fantasy chat room). The idea of someone chatting online to vampires was when the book finally came together. How could anyone be certain that he or she was chatting with role players? What if real vampires came into a chat room?  Would the chat fan ever discover the truth? And what would happen if they met in reality?

This book really couldn’t have happened without my former wife, who also loves vampires. I have dedicated Cyber Vamps to Sue in recognition and thanks for her help and advice…and for convincing me that I could write!

Cyber Vamps

Alone and dying, Renee Svensson’s only distraction is her passion for vampires. Fueled by a lifelong fascination, she sets up an online chat room where she meets Aurelia, allegedly a blood drinker from ancient Rome, and Suze, a misfit psi vampire. But are they role players or bona fide vampires? How can Renee tell?

The three have one thing in common: loneliness.

As each life story unfolds, they become close friends. Aurelia tirelessly searches for Demetrios, the one who made her a vampire. An eternal outsider with a recently broken heart, Suze is looking to belong somewhere.

Renee has dreamed of being a vampire for as long as she can remember. Now with time running out, she decides to believe in her new friends and help Aurelia find Demetrios in the hope Aurelia will give her the gift of immortality before Renee’s time ends. When Lowe, a vampire slayer, befriends Renee, her feelings for him force her to question her allegiance. And if that weren’t enough, the ghost of a slain vampire starts appearing to her…

Author Bio: Jack Horne is educated to double-A level standard in Information Technology (RSA Diploma) and currently works for the local theatre in Plymouth, England. A number of his poems, short stories and articles have been published in magazines, anthologies and webzines, and broadcast on radio programs. He has also had some competition success. Horror is his favorite genre.

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