Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Author R.J. Jerome is Burning Up the Interview Scene

Our author R.J. Jerome is quickly becoming the interview king for the month of September. With two interviews in just a week, we know that Jerome is growing as an active author. Want to read his interviews? Then just look for the links below!

Interview with Patti Roberts

Just a little snippet of this stellar interview:

R.J, how many books have you written?
Two books so far in the Pelagius Game series, Valstain and Born Villain.

Tell us a little about The Pelagius Game series.
I compare the series to a chess match between God and Satan where the outcome determines the end of days. Valstain, which is the magical realm between Heaven and Earth, is the game board and the heroes and villains are the game pieces. So our hero, Timothy Anderson, believes he is the only game piece left alive on God’s team. To survive, he must find the sword of the spirit in order to kill his remaining enemies. But the weapon is on Holy ground and he is a vampire. How is he going to succeed?

.... (continued on the actual blog)

Interview with Writer's Community UK

Just a little of this interesting interview: 

We want to talk about your two books in the Pelagius Game series. Valstain and Born Villain. Can you give us a bit of a background on the setting of these books?
The majority of Valstain takes place at a secret, religious order in Cooksburg , Pennsylvania, between 1960 -2009. Valstain is told through the eyes of former priest turned vampire, Timothy Anderson. Born Villain, the second book in the series, continues the journey of immortal heroes, Timothy Anderson and Scott McCree, as they battle evil in an attempt to bring balance back to the Church, and win the Pelagius Game for God’s signature

.... (continued on the website)


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