Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Release: Loving, Living, and Legends by Jack Horne

EPT readers, it’s a new release! Jack Horne is back, exploring the complexities of life, love, and the supernatural in his new poetry collection, Loving, Living, and Legends. This collection comes as a follow-up to the collection Shades of Darkness and Light, also available through the ETP store.

This collection of poetry touches on a plethora of subjects, from humorous vignettes, to pieces delving into the grief of death. While the familiar themes of loneliness and loss can find resonance within all of us, Jack handles them with a sense of hope, rather than one of despair. Jack loves to write humor, and his hope with this work is that, though many of the poems deal with serious matters, readers will find laughter as well as empathy. After all, the failure of a relationship or death of a loved one are experiences fraught with grief, but also sometimes with humor that perhaps we would leave untouched if not for someone else saying “No, I’ve felt this way, too!”.

We hope that through the pages of this collection, you find a bit of yourself, and that Jack’s words tap into a bit of the human experience in all of us.

For more on Jack Horne’s work, visit his website at

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