Wednesday, June 01, 2016

ETP Summer Book Challenge: Find those books!

The challenge starts today! I'm so excited to have a legitimate excuse to read! (As a side note, isn't it funny how, as adults, we feel like we need an excuse to do anything leisurely or relaxing?) There are only fifteen books on our challenge list this summer, and with so many awesome books out there (I know my TBR list far exceeds fifteen), how to choose? To help you out, here are a few resources to help you with your book selections.

Books about America - Goodreads has this list of 49 books about America, and the Library of Congress has this one. Some are classics like The Great Gatsby, while others are more contemporary. Either way, the books on this list might help you get into the Fourth of July spirit. 

A Book from the 1001 list - If you've never seen this list, you are missing out on a gem. Spanning multiple genres, age groups, and styles, the books on these lists are the universal "must-reads" of the literary world. Find it here.         

Books not originally published in English - There are so many of these, and finding a list that had both classics and lesser-known titles was tough, but this list from Nighthawk News has twenty-five awesome titles for you to choose from.    

A bestseller the year you were born - If you were born before 1942, you're out of luck on this one (although, if you were born before 1942 and you are doing this challenge, drop me a line. I would love to chat!), but Wikipedia has the lists from 1942 through the modern day.

A book set in the outdoors - You could always reread Hatchet, but Outside Online has this great list of outdoorsy adventure books for you to explore in honor of National Camping Month.

Books about Fathers - Fathers Day is June 19th, so honor your own dad and read a book off this list from Amazon or this one, from ShortList.

An anthology - Here are all of eTreasures anthologies! There are lots to choose from!

ETP Book Club picks - Stay tuned!

I hope this gives you some good ideas for summer reading, and we can't wait to see your reviews!

Remember to grab the graphic below, and to use the hashtag #etpsummerreads


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