Friday, April 21, 2017

Edmund Pickle Chin, the donkey that inspired April Elwood's book "Edmund Pickle Chin," passed away this Thursday. Edmund was a rescue donkey at Evermay Farm, a nonprofit animal sanctuary founded by Elwood. Edmund was diagnosed with mouth and jaw cancer and, with great sorrow, he was euthanized. Elwood wrote this letter to the late Edmund Pickle Chin.

My Dearest Edmund,
Who would have ever guessed the profound impact you, a grey, long fuzzy eared, pickled chinned donkey would have on my life. There are so many things, lessons learned, that because of you, I am a better me.
You were an amazing teacher, you gave me so many gifts, of knowledge and new ways of thinking, patience and determination. As you grew and changed from a shy, anxious soul, I grew with you. You showed me anything really is possible.
It's because of you my two of my biggest "bucket list items," became reality and for this I am eternally grateful. You came into my life and my childhood dream of writing a book unfolded before me. My dream of an animal rescue started with YOU. 
You are not only the face of this sanctuary, you my love were the personality of it.
It was the utmost honor being your guardian. Although you my sweet boy, were just as much mine, as I was yours. 
 As hard as it was to let you go, you helped make it so incredibly beautiful, you gave me the time I needed with you, a head hug, a nuzzle and like a gentleman, so stoic and majestic you left us at Evermay. I trust you will keep watch over your animals friends and humans here on the farm, you'll just be waiting at a different gate.
You are missed already and will be everyday. I love you. <3

To hear Edmund's story, buy Edmund Pickle Chin at eTreasures Publishing. To support rescue animals like Edmund at Evermay Farm, visit their website here.

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