Saturday, August 19, 2017

eTreasures authors are on a roll!

Congratulations eTreasures authors Joy Brooks and Jenna Grodzicki! 

It is with great pleasure we announce Joy Brook's book, King's Reign, is a finalist in in the 2017 EPIC Awards in the category of Historical Fiction!

King's Reign is book 2 of Brooks' The King Trilogy. In this installment, Rayden is forced to live a life he never intended. As King of Ruar, he finds it is not easy to side step his responsibilities, there are too many injustices to stamp out. Not only must he strive to help the kingdom, he must face his foes, who are determined to stop him from gaining what he desires most, his freedom. When turmoil between the parties escalates, Rayden’s fight to forge his own destiny becomes paramount.

You can purchase King's Reign here.

But that's not all! Author Jenna Grodzicki's book, Pixie's Adventure has won an Honorable Mention in two categories (Animals/Pets and Picture Books for ages 6+) in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards!

Pixie is a curious cat who longs to explore the world outside.  One day, her wish comes true, and Pixie begins an unexpected adventure. The outside is better than she ever imagined. But when rumbling thunder and cold rain arrive, her perfect day turns into a nightmare.  Will Pixie ever find her way home?

Purchase Pixie's Adventure here.

Congratulations authors! Keep up the great work!
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