Friday, February 05, 2010

Its Official! The Grand Reopening has begun!

We are now announcing over the web that eTreasures Publishing is  under new ownership/management. Martha Eskuchen is now at the helm of this treasure chest and has plenty planned.  We have a great team of excited staff too - check them out at Meet the Staff at the new website!

The site is not fully functional yet - we do expect all author and book pages up by tomorrow but we were all too excited to wait another day for announcements!

We're looking forward with a great deal of excitement (did you get that feeling yet?!) and some really cool plans for the future.
To start, we're having ourselves a great big celebration.
Starting Feb 6 and 7, we'll be at castle in the sky yahoo group chatting about our grand reopening and launch. There'll be prizes, giveaways, trivia and so much more so come out and have some fun.

We'll be here:

We'll also be posting contests and discounts information here at the blog so check back!!

In the near future we'll be posting about our submissions calls, what genres we're looking to expand upon and more. For now, welcome to the new eTreasures Publishing!!


Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRAND REPOPENING! I am looking forward to great things coming from you!

Val Pearson

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is HUGE! A huge congratulations is in order! Wow, Martha! I am really excited for you. Watch for more congratulatory marks on your various sites. <3

~ Evie

Anne Patrick said...

Congratulations, Martha!!! I wish you great success in your new venture.

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