Friday, February 05, 2010

Upcoming Prizes - Unique, Beautiful Purse Charms!

I have a wonderful friend who is very artistically talented! I asked her to make some special purse charms for our eTreasures' Giveaways.

Here are the silver plated charms she made - each is unique!!

The one on the left is fluer de lis; the middle one has a dragonfly, butterfly and hearts; the one on the right has several crosses!

These are the original ones I asked for with "treasure" coins, keys, and beads! (She had to order special clamps that will be added!)

She made some other items too - see the next blog post.


robynl said...

I LOVE the purse charms Martha; my fav color is purple so the top ones are a give; the other set is so perfect for e-Treasures. Your friend is very talented and I love her book marks also. On to find the other items. Thanks.

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