Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ordering eTreasure Books!

We have gotten the backlist inventory of eTreasure Publishing books set up in our new Bookstore. Unfortunately the template is having technical difficulties so that the cart is adding the ebook and print book prices when a book is added to the cart.  We are working on getting this fixed and I will announce when it is resolved.  Until that time the books are available at Amazon.  They will also soon be available at CoffeeTime Romance and Fictionwise.

HOWEVER because of the split of profits to the distributor the authors get a very small amount when books are purchased through distributors.  Accordingly, we encourage you to purchase ebooks or print directly through the publisher. Until the Bookstore cart is fixed, you can send your order request to:

We will confirm your purchase order WITH A 10% DISCOUNT for ebook or print purchases. Also we will calculate shipping charges and payment can be directed through paypal.  We apologize for the current inconvenience and appreciate  your patience!


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