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With all that's been happening this year, eTreasures has spread its wings in a big way. Following is a list of places you can check us out - drop us a line, or just see whats new and exciting in our world.

Of course here on our blog:




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Coming up starting May 15, 2010 we will be offering Free to everyone, a web based seminar entitled Is it Romance or Fiction with a Romantic Element.

eTreasures Publishing Writer's Seminar

Is it Romance or Fiction with a Romantic Element?


During the next three days, we hope to clarify the differences between writing Romance and writing Fiction with a romantic element.

This will include:

The key points of a romance novel

*What part characters play in the storyline

*The conflicts that affect the protaganists

*Goals/Motivations of the characters

*How the romance is the basic plot of the novel(novella). Its an intigral part of the novel, without it there would be no story to reveal to your readers.

The key Points of a work of Fiction

*How Good vs Evil is the prime motivating factor of the story

*The romance story-line is secondary and has no real affect on the story, in fact it could be left out and the story would still flow forward.

*The growth of the protaganist is based not on a Happily Ever After with their partner - but rather defeating the obsticles and conflicts that are thrown in his/her way throughout the story. IE: Lord of the Rings - the romance between Aragorn and Arwin is secondary - it enhances the story but doesn't control it.


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