Saturday, January 01, 2011

Winner of the eTreasures Holiday Kindle!

I do apologize that it took so long to pick a winner. Company kept me busy from being able to sort our the extra entries. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SIGNED UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER AND ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY.
There were a handful of entrants that were disqualified as they did not sign up for the newsletter.
CONGRATULATIONS TO the randomly picked winner who gets the Kindle WiFi:

deb c aka missdeb1

There were no entrants with over 75 points but a runner-up package is going to the entrant with the most points (over 50):
deb aka tnshadylady

The winners will be emailed to provide mailing information.
We hope you will stay connected as we have more new releases to announce and special books being released for Valentines, which will start with a free read.  Look for an announcement soon!
There will be more giveaways and scavenger hunts too.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone  -  May you be blessed in 2011!

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hotcha12 said...


deb c said...

I just want to thank you for the Kindle. I love it!! Right now I'm reading our book club book on it and it's wonderful. Again, thank you and keep up the great blog.

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