Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cupid Gone Wild Giveaway!

So the Challenge for Cupid Gone Wild is rolling!

Which of the five Cupids made the most unlikely match?
It is up to you readers to decide. Vote and enter to win a Kindle from eTreasures Publishing.

Here are the matches made in the Cupid Gone Wild Anthology

Sometimes true love needs help. Five Cupids take on a challenge this Valentine's season: To match the most unlikely couple they can find.

Love Transposed by Pepper O'Neal and Chelsy Day
Available as a free read on ARe
One arrow straight through two chests was all it took for carpenter/painter Dan, and trust fund baby Jane to go from making each other crazy, to being crazy about each other. The match that won Cupid X the Challenge in 1981...

Love Potion 2-14 by Pepper O'Neal
White witch Kole Trillion has a successful business, customers who swear by her potions and spells. Unfortunately, she also has the bad luck to fall in love with a man who doesn't believe in magic, Police Detective Gage Corwin.

The Bachelor by Heather Hiestand
Abbie Harper didn’t mean to buy the date, but one look at Jake Cordalys and she’s ready for red-hot romance. Jake is not looking for something complicated, but when Cupid is involved, all plans go out the window and romance flies in.

The Boss Wore Red by Delle Jacobs and SamMarie Ashe
Alexandria Bergstrom was chosen because she desperately needed to alter the course of her life. Clint Riordan doesn’t know what will make him completely happy until he meets Alexandria. By giving Alexandria this opportunity to discover her true past, the pairing of Alexandria and Clint will repair past mistakes and produce a new brighter future.

The Wrong Target by Sherry Gloag
Headmistress, Tina Blackberry and businessman Ryan Thomas can't control events after Ryan's daughter steals his coveted golden arrow and takes it to school, But put Cupid on the job and nothing can go wrong, or can it?

The Hollywood Hookup by Chelsy Day
Actor Casey Jones and stunt woman Sandra Benson have a history. Can Cupid get them past the animosity and prove that true love in Hollywood is NOT impossible?
Available at Amazon - Barnes and Noble

Vote here then fill out the form below to be enteres to win the Kindle Giveaway!
You can vote once a week till the Giveaway ends March 25th. The voting resets every Sunday.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! I voted and filled out the form above!

skyla11377 said...

All those books sound RED HOT. I voted and filled out the form....^_^.


Maria D. said...

I love the sound of all of these books and can't wait to read them.....Thanks for the free read!...I voted and filled out the form.


Nadia Lee said...

I voted & filled out the form! :-)

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you for the giveaway. I voted and filled out form.

seriousreader at live dot com

Ann Rodela said...

There are so many wonderful stories! I voted and filled out the form too. :)

Elena Gray said...

Each Cupid had their work cut out for them! Tough decision!


Lasha said...

The form seems to be broken, as I don't see a send button. I did vote!

mslasha (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

These books sound like so much fun! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

June M. said...

Voted and filled out he form. Love anthologies for when you don't have time to read a whole book.

Deb said...

Such an awesome contest. So many delightful books.

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