Saturday, December 17, 2011

eTreasures Twelve Days Blog #4: Kittens and the Christmas Tree

Author Joy Brooks shares a 'meowy' Christmas with this sweet event.

I live with eight cats. My two kittens are quite adventerous. My Christmas tree is situatated between double windows in my living room. I walked into the room one morning and found, to my suprise, the kittens clinging to the center of the tree. They turned to me with a calm stare, but didn't drop from the tree. Misty and Tia clung to the tree for some time. They had a lot of fun moving from branch to branch. At times all I could see was their white underbellies. I couldn't fathom how they didn't turn it over. When they finally got down, they started to systimatically knock off all the ornaments. I got a box and I'm putting all the dislodged ornaments in it. I want to see how many I have left on the tree by Chistmas.

Have you ever had cats in your Christmas tree?

Joy has two fantasy novels, Fourth Son and Sword of Virtue, as well as a sweet novella, Coming Home, published with eTreasures.
She has a Christmas Novella being released this week: 
A Christmas Wish? Katie Holston, raised in foster homes, wants nothing more than a family to call her own. She meets the man of her dreams in Ian Stokely. Being his five year old son’s teacher, she is in a position to make her dreams come true. Kyle Stokely confides in Katie his greatest wish for Christmas. He wants his widowed father to be happy again. Ian Stokely has a different view than Katie Holston and his son, Kyle. He wishes to be left alone. Can Katie and Kyle convince Ian to live life fully again?

Comment on this post for an entry to win an eBook copy of Joy's two novellas: Coming Home and A Christmas Wish?
[Treasure Chest #4] 
[Cats Under a Fish Christmas Tree – Box of Six Cards by FloatingPalace (Etsy)] 

Winner will be picked from all comments.
Individual giveaway ends December 20, 2011 at 10 pm.
See the "Twelve Days Blog Tour" post for two other chances to win. 
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Maria D. said...

Lol...I have never owned a cat. When I was younger we had a dog but both my dad and one of my younger sister have pretty severe allergies and asthma so we pretty much had to give up pets, which was a shame.

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