Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eTreasures Twelve Days Blog #1: My Favorite Thing About Christmas

I'm not a big holiday fan. I succumb to the stress and overspending just like everyone else, which leaves me feeling guilty and unfulfilled. At one point, I wanted to give up celebrating Christmas all together. I was a Grinch in every sense of the word.

Then, I became a parent. When my sons were little, I still attempted to avoid the holidays, but as they got older and more fascinated with Christmas, I changed my outlook. Watching holidays through the eyes of children rekindles the joy of the season. They remind me about the good things, the fun things, that the season brings. For my kids, it's not only about the presents, even though that is a HUGE part, it's also about helping others and celebrating the season for what it really entails.

I still spend way too much money and get stressed out, but I also take the time to sit back and watch my kids. I'm excited to see their reaction on Christmas Eve when they open their presents, then on Christmas Day after Santa shows up. They truly surprise me with their wonder and fascination, and make the whole season worthwhile!

What kinds of things make you happy during the holidays? How do you relieve stress?

To give you a break from holiday stress here is a chance to win an eBook copy of the Bride and Dark Secrets Anthology which includes The Weeping Bride by Pembroke.
Pembroke has two other titles at eTreasures:  Coming From Nowhere and Life After the Undead.

To Enter: post a reply comment to answer Pembroke's question and include your email.
Winner will be picked from all comments.
Individual giveaway ends December 17, 2011 at 10 pm.
See the "Twelve Days Blog Tour" post for two other chances to win.

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Maria D. said...

Spending time with my family makes me happy during the holidays. I deal with stress by saving half of my yearly vacation and taking it during the last two weeks of December, that way I can sleep later, spend time doing last minute things, get the baking done and still feel rested. Thanks for the giveaway


Pembroke Sinclair said...

That sounds like a lovely way to deal with the stress of the holiday!

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