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Etiquette for Requesting an Interview with a Blog

Hello once again! Today we will discuss how, as an author, to request an interview from a blog or website. There are many different ways I, and many others, have seen people request interviews. None are wrong per se, but there are some that will turn an interviewer off and you won't get your interview. Here we will present wrong and right ways to present your request, and hopefully you will succeed in your quest for an interview. 

Some important things to remember as you send your request: be polite, be professional, and be yourself.

Let's look at some sample emails and then go over what is the imaginary author did well, and what they did poorly.

Hey. My name is t. writer and i am a new author looking 4 someone 2 interview me. I saw ur blog n thought it was perfect so i decided 2 contact u. Plz reply if u want to do an interview wit me.

T. writer

So, a little rough right? The imaginary writer used very little punctuation, incorrect capitalization, and text lingo. As we should all know by now, text lingo is for your friends and grandma, never for ANY professional situation unless otherwise specified. The author did try to use a professional tone, and interjected some personality, but they needed to put a little more effort into the presentation of their request.

Hello Mary P. Blogger,
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Penny K. Pen and I started writing when I was just a child. Over the years I just couldn't stop the words flowing from my pen to the page and had to write a book. I am on the third book in my fifth series now and would like to request an interview. I saw your blog and I saw that you are currently going through a bit of a flu. I actually am being treated for Type II Diabetes as well as stage four leukemia. The prospects aren't looking good and I wanted to tell the world more about myself before I go. I don't know what my husband will do without me, and I just hope he keeps the dog. My four children, two boys and two girls, and my seven grandchildren will be devastated when I am gone but I want them to have something to remember me by. I am on a restricted diet and cannot have much sugar, but the other night I cheated and had half a box of girl scout cookies. Well enough about me. I hope you will consider my request!

Forever your friend,
Penny K. Pen
Book Series 1
Book Series 2
Book Series 3
Book Series 4
Book Series 5

This letter is well written, and very personalized, but it lacks professionalism. Note the long descriptions of this person's life. This blogger probably does not need to know everything about Penny's life in order to decide to interview her. In fact, she probably doesn't need anything but the request. See the request that was hidden among all of the other information? If you didn't, look again because it is there. Penny did include the blogger's name, which is is very important because it shows that she took the time to research the blog. Try to make what you want the most prominent information, because it is the most important.

Hello Rey V. Eiwers,

I was introduced to your blog by a friend, and must say that your work on the separation of the different types of paranormal romance was superb. I would really like to be interviewed by you about my new book Werewolves Love Vampires because I think it fits with your recent posts about the different types of shifter romances. If you would like to contact me about an interview I am available through email (shifters99@hotmail.com) or through phone 111-222-3333. I really hope I will hear from you soon, and please have a lovely evening.

Ro M. Ance

This email is professional, to-the-point, and shows that the author really does pay attention to the blog. There is just enough personal information to tell the blogger that they may be interesting to interview, but without a whole life story. The blogger knows what this author wants, and will be able to respond accordingly. 

The author didn't include a link to their website or a sale page for the book, why? Well most emails with outside links are automatically sent to the spam box, or are marked so the receiver won't open them. 

The most important part of this post that you should take away is be polite, be professional, and be yourself.

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