Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Find a Good Book on Amazon

Ever finished your reading list and had no clue what to read next? That lost and confused feeling happens to us all at one point or another, and we all have different ways of finding our next new love. This post is to help describe one way you may or may not already know about.

Many readers now have Kindles or have Kindle on their electronic devices, and go to the Amazon Kindle store for their books. Amazon also knows the devastating feeling of not knowing what to read, and they have created lists in their Kindle store to help you find that next perfect book. Unfortunately, Amazon can be a little hard to navigate sometimes, so hopefully we can help with that.

Locate the Amazon Kindle store.

The first step, once you get to Amazon, is to find the Kindle store. Let your mouse hover over Shop by Department, and you will see a list appear. Go down the list and let your mouse hover once more over Kindle E-Readers & Books. A new list will appear, and it will be tempting to click on the first link that just says Kindle. Don't. Instead, scroll down a little and you will see a section called Kindle Store, which is what you want. Don't just click this though, go down one more item and select Kindle Books (you finally get to click something!). You have now arrived at the Kindle Store for books!

Now you have to choose. 

This is the hard part. Not because it is actually hard, but because there are so many lists to choose from. In the main part of the screen will be lists of books like the ones you have already viewed, the bestsellers, and a category called New & Noteworthy Kindle Books. You may have a few other lists appear based on your previous interests.

This is not the end of the lists. Feel like a heart-pounding thriller? Or maybe you want to read a heartwarming romance. There are categories for that. On the left are even more lists to choose from. At the top are lists like Editor's Picks and other bestsellers. Scroll down just a little and you will see different categories based on genre. If you click one of these, several lists will appear within the genre you selected. You will find bestselling lists, indie lists, and much more. You can refine your list further on the left, and Amazon will present the books you are most likely to enjoy first.

Buy a book, and hopefully enjoy!

You have searched the lists, read the summaries, and made your careful selection. Congratulations on your new book! Still feeling a little hesitant? Read the reviews, or if the option is available, read a sampler of the book. This is a great way to see if the book is any good or not. I hope that you have fun looking at all of the new books, and happy reading!

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